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Layne Bailey Brubaker 


Layne is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). She is lives in Tacoma Washington where she pastors a congregation planted on the inside of the largest women's prison in Washington State- Hagar's Community Church. When Layne is not hanging out in a prison, you can find her exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband Crawford and her two golden retrievers Justice and The Wild Goose. Layne has dreamed of hosting a podcast for years and is so excited for you to join her in looking for God in the Sick and hAlarious.  


Abigail Spears Velázquez

Abigail is an ordained minister with the Church of God of Prophecy. She lives and pastors in Mexico City with her husband and three kids. Her least favorite thing is driving in Mexico City and her favorite thing is all the food in Mexico City. When she's not uploading video sermons, she's fulfilling Layne's podcasting dreams! 

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